So, you’ve just braved the wild world of weight loss surgery and emerged victorious. Your protein goal seems pretty high, but you’ve got the power and you’re shedding pounds, trusting the process, and gaining a new lease on life. Congratulations! This is just the beginning of the journey.

Power of Protein after Bariatric Surgery

As our surgeons and dietitians have said over and over again, It’s crucial to ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs to stay strong, healthy, and vibrant. Enter the superhero of post-surgery nutrition: protein. It’s the muscle-mending, energy-boosting, hunger-curbing nutrient you didn’t know you needed, but now can’t live without. And boy, do I have some tasty tips to share on maximizing your protein intake!

Protein Powerhouse #1: Cottage Cheese

First on the list: Cottage Cheese. This lumpy delight isn’t just for your grandma’s breakfast. Packed with protein, it’s a versatile snack or meal addition. But here’s a pro tip—read those labels! When choosing low-fat options, watch out for added sugars sneaking in as flavor enhancers. Cottage cheese is like the chameleon of dairy; you can mix it with fruits, veggies, or even a spoonful of peanut butter for a protein-packed punch.

Protein Powerhouse #2: 0% Greek Yogurt

Next up, let’s talk about 0% Greek Yogurt. Fage (pronounced fa-yay), anyone? This creamy delight is like the Swiss Army knife of the protein world. It’s low in fat but high in satisfaction. Toss in some berries or a drizzle of honey and you’ve got yourself a snack that feels indulgent but is actually good for you. Greek Yogurt is also incredibly versatile. Try substituting it in any recipe that calls for sour cream or mayonnaise (like my incredibly delicious Bang Bang Chicken Wontons). Pre-surgery, I hated greek yogurt. It was too sour tasting and I could not do the texture. Post surgery, I go through several tubs every month! The Fage brand is my favorite. I find it excellent because it isn’t too intense. It tastes just like sour cream, honestly.

Protein Powerhouse #3: Beef Jerky

Oh, and did I mention Zero Sugar Beef Jerky? Perfect for those on-the-go moments when you need a quick protein fix but don’t want to compromise on health. It’s like having a personal protein-packed bodyguard in your pocket.

Protein Powerhouse #4: Pre-made Protein Shakes

For the shake enthusiasts, Premier Protein Shakes are a delicious option if you don’t mind artificial sweeteners. If you’re more of a clean eater or vegan, OWYN brand shakes have your back. And here’s a fun tip—if you’re a coffee lover, why not make a ‘proffee’? Add your protein shake to 6-8 oz of coffee, throw in some ice, and you’ve got a refreshing, protein-boosted beverage. Elevate it with Jordan’s Skinny Sauces and Syrups; my faves are Dark Chocolate Espresso and Salted Caramel—yum!

Protein Powerhouse #5: Protein Chips

Quest Protein Chips are my ride-or-die (especially the Spicy Sweet Chili flavor). I know they are expensive, but have you tasted them?! They are so delicious and feel so “normal” and “non-diety” that I will continue to pay the astronomical price of $2.98 per 1.1 ounce bag. Fun fact about me- I love Mexican food. Probably (a lot) more than the average person. My favorite dish is Arroz con Pollo and I can never get enough. Since surgery, I have found that taking a small baggie in my purse with two street taco-sized mission tortillas and a bag of quest chips (in Loaded Taco, Spicy Sweet Chili, or Ranch) makes me feel like I am not missing out on anything from my former stomach-days.

Protein Powerhouse #6: Lean Meats

Lean meats like chicken breast, ground chicken, ground turkey, and/or turkey burgers are also excellent choices. Try whipping up a flavor-filled protein recipe like my Clean and Delicious Bourbon Chicken, these Maple Turkey Burgers, or my absolutely decadent and guilt-free Protein Cheesecake (with a whopping 25g per slice!) Recipes like these can make your meals both nutritious and delicious.

Protein Powerhouse #7: Cheese Sticks

My surgeon recommends low-fat/light dairy options as they are lower in fat and calories, so I typically opt for light cheese sticks. I find them to be a quick and convenient snack on the go. Typically, I pair my cheese sticks with some grapes or a handful of pistachios as this is a simple and easily portable way to get in some solid nutrition, but if you’re really feeling something more gooey, cheesy, and fried, try wrapping your cheese stick(s) in a wonton wrapper and placing in the air fryer!

Protein Powerhouse #8: Collagen Peptides

Next up: collagen peptides. While not a complete protein source, collagen peptides are fantastic for joint and bone health, hair, skin, and nails. My go-to peptides are made by Vital Proteins. I usually get the unflavored one because it sits the best for my stomach, but if you’re looking for another yummy option, try making some collagen hot chocolate with Vital Proteins Chocolate Collagen Powder Supplement.

Protein Powerhouse #9: Protein Powders

For the culinary adventurers out there, Isopure’s unflavored protein powder is a dream for adding to recipes—mix it into soups, salad dressings, or even brownie batter. Some people can get away with adding some to their gatorade, coffee, and even water- but I find it to have a distinct taste personally and I just can’t do that. Baking into recipes or flavorful dishes works like a charm though!

The Whole Foods 365 Grass Fed Whey protein powder is probably my holy grail. Blend it into smoothies or bake it into your favorite treats. This stuff is a key ingredient in my delicious high-protein cheesecake recipe, but it tastes great in just about anything you put it in!

Let’s not forget about Seeq Protein Powder, which tastes like melted Jolly Ranchers—seriously! It’s sweet, so best to dilute it, but it’s a fun way to meet your protein goals. For those moments when a chocolate or milky shake just won’t cut it, Seeq will save the day (and your macros).

Protein Powerhouse #10: Fairlife Non-Fat Skim Milk

Last, but certainly not least- Fairlife Non-Fat Skim Milk is a lactose-free, protein-packed marvel. With 13g of protein per 8 oz serving, it’s the perfect base for a protein coffee that’ll have you starting your day with a bang.

So, GET IT, FRIEND! Embrace these protein-packed options and continue your journey with strength, vitality, and, most importantly, deliciously good health. Your post-surgery body will thank you!

xoxo, molly
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